Preparing For Camp

Getting Your Child Ready

April 18, 2017

Is your child headed to an overnight camp this summer?

Whether it be one week or two months, it is important to prepare you child for the camp experience. 

- if possible, visit the camp and meet the director

- see if you can speak with campers who have been to this camp

- review the daily schedule with your child in order to familiarize him or her with it

- suggest that your child spend the weekend with a friend.  After, you should talk about how they felt the second night and third morning.

- teach your child how to put away laundry, set a table, make a bed and clothing selection

- practice walking around outside in the dark with a flashlight
- go over your "what if" situations. What if you don't get along with another camper? What if you feel ill? What if you loose your glasses? Speaking of different situations and helping them work through a dilemma from beginning to end, will make it less stressful if the issue may arise.
- send letters before your child leaves for camp so they will have one when they arrive.
- try and speak openly about being home sick and let them know you will be having the same feelings but that they will have a wonderful summer full of fun, activities and new friends.