Summer Youth Bus Pass in Placer County

Getting Kids Around Cheaper This Summer

By Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln June 2, 2021

Did You Know Kids Can Travel Around Cheaper During the Summer?

With summer fast approaching, kids will have more free time. What will they do, and how will they get there? Luckily, our area has a program just for kids. 

For Kids: 

With the Summer Youth Pass, kids in South Placer County can travel around all summer with a $10 Summer Youth Bus Pass. It's available for kids from elementary through high school and is good from June 1st through August 31 on Auburn Transit, Placer County Transit, and Roseville Transit. Riding is unlimited. 

You can buy the pass at the following locations:


  • Alternative Transportation Department – 316 Vernon Street, Suite 150
  • Roseville Sports Center – 1545 Pleasant Grove Boulevard

Or call 916-774-5293 to purchase over the phone

*For Family Travel:

The Friends and Family Program with Capitol Corridor is great if you plan to take some trips with the family. If you buy one full-priced fare, you can buy up to 5 more for 50% off. This sounds like a great, stress-free, getaway to me! Just pack your bags, sit back and enjoy the scenery along the way. We all know how busy the roads can be when you want to take a weekend trip. It seems like everyone had the same idea and is on the road at the same time. Beat the traffic mess with the Friends and Family Program.

So where can you go? Let's see ... you can head to Sacramento, Fairfield, San Francisco, Oakland, and all the way to Santa Clara! Sounds like a whole lot of summertime trips to me! This deal is only available online and is good for travel through January 1, 2020, so that means you can even take some weekend getaways when school starts back in the fall.

Sounds like it's time to Get Out, Get Active, and Have Fun!

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