DIY Halloween Silhouettes

By Rachul Lomeli October 22, 2018

This fun, easy, and inexpensive craft will make your house the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween! This project is a great opportunity to enjoy some family together time and work together as a team as you plan your theme.

What You Need: 

  • Black poster board 
  • Yellow or orange tissue paper
  • Pencils or white chalk, for drawing the silhouettes
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

What You Do: 

1. Start with your concept. You may want each room to have its own theme, or go for a theme that covers all the windows in your house. We have a few suggestions, but be creative:

  • Halloween Theme: ghosts, witches, zombies, skeletons, bats, cats, owls, jack o’ lanterns, etc.
  • Books: pick a favorite book or series, such as Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan or Harry Potter
  • TV, Cartoon, or Movie themes
  • Don't limit yourself. Fairies, dinosaurs, pirates, robots, and other themes are all fair game.

2. Decide which windows you want to decorate. For the best effect, be sure the windows are visible from the street. This will help you determine how much poster board and tissue paper you will need.

3. Draw your silhouettes on the poster board. The farther your house is set back from the street, the larger the silhouettes need to be for a good view. Small cutouts are hard to see, so go BIG. Focus on the outline, and keep inner cutouts minimal.

4. Cut out the silhouettes. Use double-stick tape to fix the silhouettes to the window.

5. Once the silhouettes are in place, cover the window with a single layer of tissue paper (the lights will shine through the paper at night, giving it an eerie glow). 

6. Wait until dark, then turn on the lights and go outside to view your spooky window designs!

Note: If your room does not have bright lighting, consider hanging white string lights around the inside of your window to boost the effect.

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