Macaroni Craft: Splash Bomb

By Stephanie Clunn, MK North Lake PM July 23, 2019

Let the kids cool off a bit this summer with this oh-so-easy and reusable splash bomb that will keep the kids wet and giggly all summer long!

What You Need:

  • 3 plain kitchen sponges
  • Scissors
  • Strong string
  • Bucket and water

Take three slightly dampened sponges. Most come damp but if they're too dry, lightly dampen them. Using your scissors, cut the sponges lengthwise into five individual strips.

Stack them up!

Then, simply tie a piece of the string around the center ... and pull tightly! 

Trim off the ends after you double knot it! Then let the games begin! Get buckets (or bowls) of water and have kids saturate the ball and toss it back and forth to each other! They'll squeal with delight!

Happy Summer Fun!

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