10 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide While Still Having Fun!

By Jamie Clark June 17, 2020

It happens every summer. Kids seem to gradually forget everything they've learned the past school year. Well, no more. Try these 10 ideas to keep your kids brains in high gear and help them be poised for the best school year ever. {Trust me, your child's teacher will thank you for it!}

1. Read. Sure, everyone may know this one, but it's still so important to read every single day that we wanted to be sure to mention it.

2. Cook with your kids. Seriously, how many times have you had to google measurement conversions to double or half a recipe? GREAT lessons for kids, plus just simply following directions step-by-step is an important skill.

3. Plant a garden. The planting process is a great way to explore science concepts. Maybe do this one and then use what you grow to cook something delish! Click here for some family gardening activities.

4. Implement a Word of the Week. Post it on the fridge or a bulletin board and keep those little vocabularies expanding. This site has some great ideas.

5. Use flash cards. Find them at the Dollar Store or make your own. They’re perfect for occupying kids while waiting for food at a restaurant!

6. Find a Pen Pal. This is a great way to stay in touch with family members that don't live nearby. Younger kids who aren't writing yet can draw pictures and tell mom or dad what to write, too.

7. Take pictures and create a summer scrapbook. Browse Pinterest for some clever ideas to display your memories.

8. Take a field trip. Explore a great local museum or zoo or take a short day-trip to a neighboring city or town and take in a new attraction.

9. Involve kids in everyday activities like going to the grocery store or Target. Have your kids write their own list, give them a budget, and help them calculate their total. Simple math and writing and it makes shopping more fun!

10. Explore learning websites. We can't fight technology so let's embrace it. There are a ton of great learning websites and apps out there. Your kids think they are playing while you can feel confident in knowing that there is some learning going on, too. Here's a list of a few favorites: 

Quick links to get you where you want to go:

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