An O-Fish-al Thank You

Perfect for all your family’s teachers and coaches!

By Christel M. Hoydic May 26, 2021
As the end of the school year approaches, there are sure to be countless teachers and coaches who have played an important role in your child’s life. Whether it’s the dance or drama teacher, the piano or art mentor, the soccer or t-ball coach, Sunday school teacher or babysitter, the number of people you want to remember can quickly grow!

These sweet treats can be assembled in a short time period and the materials don’t cost much (under $5 for each gift), making them the perfect way to say thanks to lots of people.

Materials needed:
  • Swedish Fish or other fish shaped candy or crackers
  • Container (Check the craft store for clear containers or use clear bags to make the overall cost even lower)
  • Blue shredded paper
  • Tags or cardstock that can be cut into tags
  • Ribbon
1) Create a tag for each gift that reads “You are O-FISH-ALLY the best (teacher, coach, tutor, etc.). You can either handwrite the tags or create them on your computer and print them on cardstock.
2) Place blue shredded paper in the bottom of the container to resemble water.
2) Fill the rest of the container with Swedish fish.
3) Secure the lid on the container.
4) Use the ribbon to attach the tag to the container.

Now you can “O-FISH-ALLY” thank all those important people on your list!