Flip Flop Wreath

Macaroni Crafts

By Anna Hall, Hickory NC Publisher Mom June 9, 2021

Flip flops are a summertime essential and they come in so many colors and patterns.  We used flip flops we purchased at the dollar store to make this colorful and fun wreath perfect for summertime!  Thanks to my cousin Kimberly for the idea and materials and my mother-in-law Bonnie for her creative talent and time!

Materials (makes 2 wreaths):

  • Flip flops in different colors and patterns; we used 6 different solid colors
  • Hot glue gun or E-6000 adhesive
  • Something for the decoration on top; we used raffia and a seashell bikini top from the dollar store which we painted yellow


What to do:

1. Remove the flip flops from the plastic hangers they came on but save two for later use.

2. Separate and sort the flip flops into right and left foot.  You will use right for one wreath and left for another.

3. Arrange the flip flops in a circle shape and glue them together to form the wreath.

4. Glue the plastic hanger to the back for hanging the wreath.

5. We used a string of raffia to tie the shell to the top, covering the hanger.  

6. Then we tied a raffia bow using the string around the shell to hold it in place.   Glue the bow in place if it doesn’t stay straight on the shell.