Head to Jelly Belly (and more) for a Sweet Treat

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For years I've known about the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, and wanted to go on a tour, but for some reason it never happened. A friend told me that every time his family drove by that area when he was a kid, they stopped, and that they got samples to try.

Recently we were planning to get together with someone from the Bay Area. We were trying to figure out where to meet for lunch, and what to do that was kid friendly. Jelly Belly Factory to the rescue! We decided to take the factory tour, then head up to the Nut Tree area, to have lunch at Fenton's. Both places are very kid friendly, and can be done in a morning or afternoon outing. From our area, it's only about 60 miles away to the Jelly Belly Factory (and Fenton's is even closer).

When you first walk up, and you see this enormous blow-up Jelly Belly, you definitely know you're at the right place. The day we went it was very busy because it was during winter break from school. The line to get in the tour was very long, but I asked at the information booth (to make sure we were in the right line), and he said it would go fast because they let so many people in at once, and he was right. With so much to look at, it went really quick, and the kids didn't even mind.

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