101 Technology Free Boredom Busters

By Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln April 26, 2023

101 Things To Keep The Kids Busy

How many times have you heard "Mom, I'm bored!!"? If you are like most parents, more than you'd like to! Here's a list of fun things for the kids to do. To make it even more fun, you can write some (or all) of these on slips of paper. Put them in a container, and when the kids say they're bored, they can pull a slip out and do what it says. Just be sure you have all the supplies needed for the ones you put in the container, unless you want to make running to the store part of the adventure.

  • Read
  • Play Solitaire
  • Have a Pillow Fight
  • Build a Blanket Fort
  • Make Paper Airplanes
  • Have a Dance Party
  • Paint Rocks
  • Make Popsicles
  • Make Play Dough
  • Make Bird Feeder or Dog Biscuits
  • Play Rock Paper Scissors
  • Write a Story
  • Do a Science Project
  • Start Seeds in a Pot
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag
  • Freeze Trinkets in Ice, then "excavate" them
  • Have a Talent Show with Friends
  • Practice the Rubik's Cube
  • Make a Fidget Spinner
  • Write in a Journal 
  • Plan and Prepare a Meal
  • Have a Family Movie Night complete with popcorn
  • Have a Living Room Campout
  • Make a Collage
  • Make English Muffin Pizzas
  • Make a Marble Run with Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Set up a Domino Run
  • Make Cake Box Cookies
  • Have a Sleepover
  • Play Hot Potato (could use bean bags or balls)
  • Create a Comic Book
  • Write a Poem
  • Do some Mad Libs (even make your own)
  • Learn to Make Origami
  • Do a Puzzle
  • Make a Sock Puppet
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches with Cookies
  • Learn a Magic Trick
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Play Balloon Badminton with a Paper Plate (glue or tape stick to plate for handle)
  • Write a Letter to a Friend or Relative 
  • Play ISpy
  • Play Charades
  • Play a Board Game
  • Use a Treasure Map (you make) to find Hidden Treasure (you hide)
  • Look for Geometric Shapes in the House
  • Make a Robot out of Cans and other recycled materials
  • Color in Coloring Books
  • Have a Tea Party
  • Do a Word Search Puzzle
  • Play Would You Rather (would you rather do _____ or _____?)
  • Make Cookies and deliver to neighbors
  • Have a Nerf Gun Fight
  • Glue Words Cut from Magazines onto Paper (to write a Story or Letter)
  • Make Shadow Puppets on a Wall
  • Play Tic Tac Toe
  • Camp in the Backyard
  • Have a Outside Movie Night in the Yard
  • Jump Rope
  • Play Hopscotch
  • Have a Picnic
  • Master the Hula Hoop
  • Play with Bubbles
  • Play Hide & Seek
  • Watch the Sunset
  • Star Gaze
  • Make a Time Capsule and Bury it
  • Run through the Sprinkler
  • Make a Slip n Slide with a roll of plastic
  • Have a DIY Backyard Camp for friends
  • Make Slime
  • Create with Stickers and Stamps
  • Play Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, or Tag
  • Get Creative with a Large Cardboard Box
  • Use Marshmallows and Toothpicks to Build Things 
  • Dye Noodles and Make Necklaces
  • Tie Dye a T-Shirt
  • Trace Body onto Large Sheet of Paper and Color it in
  • Make Paper Bag Puppets and have a Puppet Show
  • Play Hangman
  • Have a Lemonade Stand
  • Play in a Sandbox made from a Kiddie Pool
  • Climb a Tree
  • Try to Catch Bugs or Butterflies
  • Make Mudpies
  • Study Shadows a different times of the day
  • Have a Neighborhood Parade with bikes, scooters, and skates
  • Plant a Garden
  • Make a Backyard Obstacle Course
  • Make a DIY Bowling Game for yard using 2 Liter plastic bottles
  • Practice doing Cartwheels
  • Throw Frisbee
  • Have a Water Gun Fight
  • Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt
  • Have a Water Balloon Fight
  • Sidewalk Paint with Chalk
  • Watch the Sunrise
  • Lay on the Ground and Look for Cloud Shapes
  • Bird Watch


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